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  Business Manager

The one-year professional course for BUSINESS MANAGER has in essence the complete training of the trainee for the topics and goals that a business has, as well as coping with situation management.

Business is the generator of every world economy, regardless of the field in which it operates. In order to function best, it needs skilled managers, leaders, capable leaders.
This course will teach you the techniques of operating and running a business, daily professional growth and longevity in the market.
It is important for a businessman or business manager to know well how the business he runs should function, to know the advantages and disadvantages of the market, to know the competitors, the interest in the type of business, the place where the business can succeed, the countries or the possibility of opening branches in different cities or countries.
In this course you will learn all these, as well as many other “secrets”, hundreds of hours of professional lectures and many more hours of discussions or group work to deal with concrete situations from the field.
Learning is a combination of theory and interactive practice, accompanied by course assignments, competitions, individual work and group work. Also every month workshops are organized, which address various topics on human resources, advertising and their history, sales and its importance in a company, where they are held by foreign lecturers with experience in the field of business. In addition to the daily internship, our trainees will perform a one-month internship at various entities with which we have concluded cooperation agreements, participating in advertising campaigns, selling products and services, proposing marketing ideas, organizing events, drafting a business plan, etc. .
If you want to become a Business Manager or Businessman, this does not mean that you have to have completed higher education in economics or similar fields. The most important thing is to want to become a leader, to form working groups, to have self-confidence and to gain the trust of the staff, to make a difference in work and ideas, to take risky initiatives. And the end must be worth it!



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