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ATC Professional Institute

The ATC Professional Institute established on September 5, 2012 in Tirana and from August 31, 2016 in Kosovo, Pristina, has the same ambition: to train professionals at the highest levels who are able to work in the domestic and international labor market. Our qualified staff, programs and teaching system is similar to the German dual system, due to the combination in best theory with practice in our modern laboratories, as well as intensive professional practice with partner companies. ATC Vocational Institute practices programs accredited by AKM (National Qualifications Authority). We are licensed by MEST (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology)
We attach great importance to the quality of services we provide and strongly support all our trainees to be employed at home and abroad through our employment office.
Our facilities are located in the center of Prishtina, there are five practical laboratories and six theoretical classes.
Five one-year study programs and three quarterly programs are among the most sought after directions in the labor market, as evidenced by surveys.

According to the experience of ATC in Tirana, our objectives are more than 75% of students to start work during the training process until its completion, 15% are employed three months after its completion. Being a professional gives you satisfaction and self-confidence in your work, because knowledge is the key to success in achieving goals, having a successful career and being yourself.
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