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The one-year professional course for Confectioner is intended to fully train and qualify trainees in this field. The theoretical and practical program aims to train trainees in the preparation of various cakes, pastries, cakes, ice cream, etc. The trainees are given the opportunity during a year to practice many types of sweets in our laboratories, which have all the necessary equipment. A single fruit is enough to make a dessert. And, while the earth has given us many kinds of fruit with different flavors and colors, only in confectionery can you make their mixtures to prepare sweets, which no one can resist.
Our confectioners are motivated and fully engaged, in order for all trainees to complete the course at the highest possible levels and immediately after certification at ATC, to be able to work in this profession both at home and abroad. This is a very beautiful profession, loved by all, even as sweet as the confectionery products themselves. Not everyone can become a Confectioner, sweets must be made with love, otherwise they do not turn out sweet!



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