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Well-known European system, the key to ATC success.

“Knowledge has no value if you do not put it into practice,” is one of the well-known expressions of the writer Anton Chekhov. Chekhov’s expression finds application in every field, including education. It is no coincidence that the German dual system, widely used in Europe, has for years been bringing long-term benefits to the students who have chosen it. However, although this method has started to be recognized somewhat in our country, the knowledge about it in our country still remains truncated and the applications are sporadic. In the following we will analyze the benefits that this system has brought to European and Albanian students, who have attended professional courses at the ATC Institute, among the only ones where the curriculum is built based on this program.

BIBB, the German Federal Institute for Education and Training, has published new reports on dual study focusing from 2004 to 2019. Statistics show that in 2004, the number of people who chose dual study was 41,000, because at that time was not very well known and the results had not yet been noticed. 15 years later this number went to 108,200 increasing by 38%. The trend continues to grow. Why this trend?

The key words of success are: practicality and efficiency. This method, which combines theory and practice in the best way, prepares capable individuals for the labor market. Statistics show that people who have chosen this study alternative have a very high employment opportunity after completing the lectures / courses as each of them is given an employment or internship opportunity while they are still studying.

As we said above, the applications of this method in Albania are sporadic. The ATC Institute, the largest vocational training center in Albania, has built the curriculum according to this strategy. Vocational courses are diverse and follow a standard set for years which pays special attention to the support and assistance given to all trainees in order to have employment opportunities inside and outside the country through the Employment Office, a key point and important strategy. According to the ATC Employment Office, “All successful individuals have an extremely clear vision of where they are going.” In this way, ATC is the catalyst that makes it possible to create opportunities that inspire the vision of individuals.

More specifically, we are referring to two concrete examples. Silvester Toska, who with work and dedication was certified after completing the nine-month course, with the help of the Employment Office completed the internship at “Globe”, one of the largest household appliance companies in Albania. Likewise, Blerim Polisi successfully attended a self-service course and then completed an internship at Lexalko-Liebherr, a leader in the sale, purchase and repair of heavy machinery. Now, boys are considered real specialists and are evidence of a successful future.

Each ATC trainee is given enough time to figure out if the route they have chosen is what suits them. Employment opportunities during or immediately after completing the course are a help and motivation for everyone. Evidence of success is just a glimpse of the long work of a trained staff.

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